An Atlanta, Georgia (USA) native, I have always had a passion for all things international.

After graduating from The University of Georgia with a degree in International Affairs and Spanish, I decided to put my education to work by moving abroad. I took an opportunity with the Spanish Ministry of Education, and in 2011, I relocated to Madrid. In between my classroom hours, I had an array of new experiences: living in a apartment with 7 international students, learning to like serrano ham, staying up to catch the morning metro from the discotecas, and constantly being an obvious foreigner (aka blonde). Thanks to Ryanair and other budget airlines, I was able to see a majority of Spain and a good collection of other European countries.

Because one year in Spain wasn’t enough, I renewed my teaching contract and stayed a second year. To further complete my immersion into the country, I also enrolled in a Master program at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, taught and completed entirely in Spanish. Thoughout my years in the Spanish capital, my days were never short of surprising moments and plenty of laughs.

I originally created my blog to recount my travels to my friends and family back home. More recently, I have become interested in expanding my writing portfolio, therfore creating this webpage to showcase my publications and seek further writing opportunities. Each European city holds different memories for me, and I hope to be able to tell my experiences as an American girl living and travelling through Europe.

Currently, I am living in England with my Spanish husband I met while working in Madrid. I continue to add countries to my visit list- I’m hoping to reach 30 soon!


My signature look: blonde hair and a big American smile