Graduate School

I just wanted to give an update for anyone who was unaware that I have been studying a Master in Political Analysis at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid this year. This in part explains the delay in blog posts as I haven’t had as much time to write between teaching and studying. I am completing this degree in Spanish, which has been challenging to say the least. I know it’s helped me improve the language and now I know how to say all sorts of interesting political terminology in Spanish (that rarely come to use in any social setting, awesome)!! It’s a one year program, so the classes are 3 hours each. Last semester we had one day with two classes back to back. Yes, 6 hours of non-stop class. In a foreign language. I remember the first weeks of class leaving with a slightly dizzy sensation. When my classmates would ask me how I was doing, I could barely form any coherent thought in Spanish or in English. Definitely the hardest class for me was our election statistics class. Not of the mathematical mind, trying to understand how to do election formulas in Spanish was more like listening to a lecture in Chinese. At least that’s what it sounded like to me sometimes. But that semester is behind us and now we are into the second half of the program. We will be wrapping up classes in May and I will be working on my thesis this summer to deliver this fall. Until then, I will try to do my best to keep updating the blog and studying to get that higher education 🙂